Beef Cubes Tomato Sauce Over Rive Beef Teriyaki with Baked Rice Buddha's Delight Caterpillar Roll Chicken Pad Thai Noodle Dragon Roll Fish Ball n Rish Cake Noodle Soup French Style Beef Chunks Godzilla Roll Japanese Seaweed Salad Korean BBQ Short Ribs Korean Beef Stone Bowl Rice Korean Kimchi n Beef Stone Bowl Rice Korean Spicy Seafood Soup Korean Spicy Tofu n Mushroom Soup Little Wok Chow Fun Lobster Meat Balls Malaysian Style Seafood Baked Rice Mongolian Beef Orange Roll Osaka Roll Pad Thai Chicken Lunch Rare Beef Noodle Soup Scallops n Shrimp Fried Rice Shrimp Lo Mein Shrimp Tempura Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables Spicy Kimchi Vegetable Spider Roll Spring Roll Szechwan Vegetable Teriyaki Beef Stick Thai Green Curry Chicken Lunch Thai Green Curry Chicken Thai Shrimp Fried Rice Thai Shrimp with Baked Rice XO Sauce Seafood